Ferrari FXX K

This has been a work in progress of mine for a long time (about 2 years). Since i have a lot of free time lately, I’ve started working on it again.

The back of the car is largely unfinished, and i need to create a lot of mesh for the vents. In addition, the area around the windshield needs to be finished.

Let me know what you think, and send any critiques of my modeling you have.

It’s been a while since i’ve modeled anything (working towards a computer science degree takes a lot of time lol), and i’m relearning a lot of things about blender.


The front of the car is about finished up, with the exception of the headlights.


Finished detailing the front of the car, and while you can’t see it, i fixed an issue with the windshield.


Great hard surfacing!

I never seen that kinda ferrari, design seems changed. it’s not copy is it?

my YouTube channel

It’s a racing variant of the laferrari.

looks like a mix of ferrari enzo, lotus elise and the old batmobile! hehe. The first and last render look a bit weird, ortographic view? Looking forward to the detailing an materials :slight_smile:

Here’s a perspective shot. Working on the back of the car right now.


looks interessting :slight_smile:

Worked a ton on structural accuracy. Made the headlights closer together to better represent the actual car. Also reworking the wheels atm.


Looking great, are you using bezier curves at all?

I used beziers on the windshield, but the rest is hand modeled.

An update on the wheels. The edge of the rims are too small, so I’ll need to fix that at some point.


How to make loop holes on the car? For the lights, openings, etc…?

Sexy, good mesh man

Here’s the finished wheel and the completed front portion.


Finished front bumpers and extra detailing. Also did a lot of work on the fenders so they’re more even. Overall just small tweaks. The accuracy of this model is getting better.


Mirrors are finished, as well as back fins, and here’s some more progress on the back of the car.