Ferrari render(s) - nodes/PP

hey guys,

been offline for the last 5 days, due to some incompetence at the talktalk helpdesk!!!

anyway ive done some renders of an old model, just trying things out. i think in some of the pics (mainly the red one’s) ive got the look i wanted. the black one’s arent as good!

Best renders:


Lots of renders :smiley:

sorry for all the links lol

C+C welcome

Wow, some very nice work. Biggest and first crit is that your paint shader is a bit too matt, it needs a bit of feel to it, like having paint flecs, having a bit of depth to it.

You also have soem AA issues in some of your renders but other than that, extreemly good work. Welldone.

Add lights to it (in the mesh i mean)… They add a lot to the final model.

Woah, the first one is especially nice. How did you light it? Nice clean reflections:evilgrin:.

hey thanks for the all comments guys.

i know its not perfect, ive left interior lights out of the mesh and stuff like that…and the AA issue, i put that down to my TFT screen…its pretty crappy. one minute everything looks alright, then everything is jaggy and the colours are screwed :frowning:

the lighting, i used a few spotlights. 1 sun lamp and a white plane and sphere for the reflections and then a simple node PP to boost the colours :slight_smile:

Top notch work.
One crit, the body work around the front tire is jagged and straight. Smooth that out and make it curved.
Still 5 star work.

Couldn’tof said better. 5 starred.

I don’t know what to comment on it, except that it looks really photorealistic! :smiley:

Not to bad. I don’t think this could be considered photo real, but it does have a nice, stylistic feel to it. It almost looks painted in some. I think you could have added more detail to outside of the car (wiper, break calipers, Ferrari emblems) which would make it look more convincing.
The car paint material may be weak, but some of the other materials (exhaust, carbon, taillights) look very nice.

Four stars from me.

sweeeeeet ride.

Nice work, maybe you could offset the black models with white(ish) backgrounds so we can see the detail better. And curve the background ‘corners’ from floor to ceiling so there are no seams, like what they use in photographic shoots

Very enjoyable… I like the very last image (in the others list) personally. The reflections are tidy and clinical which makes the initial viewing process very fluid because the eye doesn’t “get stuck” on any single detail.

In many of your images the wheels appear to have some sort of motion blur applied to them. Are you planning to animate the car?

hey guys, thanks for all the comments and feed back. im taking them on bored becuase im going to animate the car :smiley:

it only takes 58 seconds to render, so i can make it pretty lengthy.

here is a very early test render test.avi

file is only active for 14 days

im off to add the extra details (wipers, calipers, lights) and to tweak the paint :slight_smile:

GREAT CAR…Nice modelling Fivs tars
Can you please post the nodes ?

node setup :slight_smile:

its basically just vector blur (1 for the car body, seperate one for the wheels) some blurring and some colour tweaks :slight_smile:

great work as always Dan!

you thinking about using it in a short of some kind?
I need to figure out how you do this stuff :wink:

take care,

hey dman :smiley:

haha its quite easy, just create a cube…add a little spice, pepper and some salt and bake for a few hours! lol

the short that ive got in mind will only be about 1 or 2 minutes long, itll just be the car racing around a track… or maybe driving through a city overhead at night, what ever is easiest to pull off :stuck_out_tongue:

so if you have any free time :wink:

2md shot shown looks best to me. looks like it should be in advertisment or something in time magazine lol the side views and front views look like you didn’t spend much time working on those sides compared to the back :confused:

Very good work!! The modelling is very nice.

can we see wireframe ?