Ferrari spider 360

:slight_smile: Hi everybody, im freakmx, and im new in this forum, i must to say that the level here is amazing, i mean almost all the renders have an excellent quality, i enjoy visit this forum, so its my first post and is an old work that i improve with a lot of things… i posted the old render and the new render, aaammm how you see my english is bad so i expect that you understands me the basic ideas hehehe… well here is my work. Bye


Well, hello freakmx0, welcome to Elysiun :D.

I really like the first render, even though you say it’s a year old. The AO was set to a low valve, therefor the ugly grey sand like effect. But the second render, this time with a nice setting, is quiet an improvement. The reflections look great, and I like the shadows. The wood from the floor is really nice, but I have to say the background and horizon look really odd. I’m not sure how to improve it, but looks at some photo’s of real sky’s above seas to see the problem there.

The boats on the horizon are a nice touch :).

Great work all-in, and again, welcome to Elysiun.

wow thats really good
What you could improve on is the horizon line- fade the sea into the background- right now theres a definate edge between sea ans sky
also the relfections on the windscreen are a bit distorted (toward the top), make sure its as smooth as it can be then everything should be fine
Also maybe have a more Ferrari colour? Like red, yellow…?

%| just my humble opinions-
-keep up the good work :smiley:

i like it but…



I like both pictures a lot. I agree about the horizon, there is something odd about it. The only other comment I have is that it is very rare to see the rims on a car positioned exactly the same. If you rotate one of them it will add a little more realism.

I love the renders,

I really like the second photo with the reflection on the car showing what looks like a fish market or something (very nice).

I belive the problem with the horizon is that the clouds are blocking out the sun, when you look at a sunsetting the clouds go the same yellowish/red colour as the sun is. In this photo they are still grey clouds.

if you llook at it closely you expect the sun to be just going below the horizon. But in actual fact its above the clouds.

Still it is a very good.