Ferrari Testarossa JDM or GT3

Okey so rendering cars i have quite on good stage. now i have to learn mdoeling it!.

So hear it comes my secound car.
4.Body details

Any C&C welcome :smiley:

Nice start there .When you do the lights can you give me some tips for my audi.

little progress now i have to do details on doors.

beautiful tires. love the purple and brass gold. absoloutely amazing work so far. im not a huge ferrari fan. i like the classic ferraris and thats bout it, but this has me excited. cant wait man.

is this cycles or lux? it looks cycles but the shaders have me questioning.

Cycles i add’ed some detail new color version :smiley: some post pro in PS :smiley: more ART style. Acctualy i am thinking about remodeling the tyres.

i see one bug on back wheel arch :smiley: will have to fix that.

nice work so far, the testarossa was the car i had posters of as a kid! will look forward to seeing it finished :slight_smile:

Looks very nice modeling, but I am sad that the car looses it’s originality The 84 testarossa and designed by Pininfarina was perfect.
Custom looks make the car ugly as hell. (personal opinion)

Why do i say all this when I got married I rented the car and drove it for few hours the sound the power mhm not much else to say.
Besides that was the nice thing I got out that marriage… :stuck_out_tongue:

thx! I was saying that ferrari 2. Acctualy i want to do some really crazy stuff like take car with is not for tuning and try to tune it. We will se how it goes. So i have make just one more render :smiley:

So with coloristic you like more :smiley: I acctualy dosn’t like the red one but i think i will finish it in red but we will se.

My inspiration:

This looks seriously cool from the beginning already.

Awesome shaders!
Mind sharing the node setups for the gold used on the wheels and the orange color? I need to get some inspiration to how to get better at making nice mats, and you seam to have some good pointers that I would love to see :slight_smile:

All renders are 200 samples if someone was wondering :smiley:

Hear it is i have few paint setups this is some standar one. nothink special acctualy. The finall render will have much much more advance shader system.


Hear it is shader for gold rim, pretty basic setup.


The key of good renders and nice materials is acctualy studio and lamps they are more important then shaders i think.

So some Update some topology fixing :stuck_out_tongue: in few places. I start doing the back of the car. Exhuast is almost finished i have to do some little details. As you can see the rear bumper have some bumps so i have to fix that but it is starting looking pretty good :smiley:

not to bad. not a huge fan of the shade of keylime you used, too grassy for me personally. if i where the one texturing it i would go with a little less saturation, but that might just be me. good work man.

I have made little fix on the doors in topology. some bumpbs have been delated.

Plans for tomorow:
-retopo hood
-retopo back wheelarch
-retopo back bumper.

can i make a suggestion. if you go with red, go with classic ferrari red. the way it is now is too marroon white, when it should be more red pink. here is ferrari red hex

Thanks a lot for sharing Kramon.
What type of light setup do you use? A big softbox on top and some rim lights on the sides?

one plane with gradient map on top of the car and far away softbox for more light.

Okey so i make a little roof some other improvments in topology wireframe with Grid so you can tell me where to focus on topology :smiley: !

resolution is fullHD just click for miniature to make it bigger :smiley:

it looks too me as if you just modeled generic tires… the tires are far too thin and your rims are too big even for after market. both tires are 16" rims with 21.1" tires. it used goodyear eagle 255/50-16 tires, 8" wide in the front, and 10" wide in the back. Here is a picture of the tred that i would usually use to model tires (I love your wheel walls should be 2.5" thick, this does NOT include tred height which should be ~8mm deep. Finding a bump for this will be tricky but they are not too hard to make with curves and a curve modifier in blender and the internal render’. if you dont want to take my advice thats alright, its not a huge deal, but on a calssic sports car, the level of change nesecary to fit the kind of after market changes you made would destroy the car and likely devalue it quite a bit, no matter how cool it is.

Acctualy i am thinking about doing GT3 version of testarossa :smiley:
About tyres, i am going to model the new one this one are just for you know as a look how it will look. I am going to not use any bump full really Highpoly tyre model. :>

I want to change it ^^ you know i want do somethink that nobody was doing before and i want to tune ferrari. acctuly i was at 50’th birthdays of lambo. and many other Car big shows and tune shows and some cars like ferrari or aston martin or lambo. With good Body kit and good wheels look even better! specialy aston martin DBS made by wheelsandrom is just ohhh i will show you a pic.0’
BTW this will be my next car or some very very very old nissan or honda od mazda.’

you know im tlaking about the bump for the text on the wheel wall right?

i applaud you for modeling out all the text. good work bro.

… you say that is the next car you are modeling in the photo above? that is a hyundai genesis coupe 3t… im looking at getting one soon.

That is aston martin DBS!! how you can compare it to hyundai?!