Ferrari Testarossa JDM or GT3

well, the Hyundai genesis coupé does sort of look like that, and sometimes it has the/a logo with wings on it, so…

nvm… it is an aston martin… lol. the only thing that had got me where those rear lights, but the car i found custiom at a car show, the guy changedem so i though it mightave been a custom model. lol

real easy, the same way i can say that aston marton, suburu and hyundai all stole the car design from Maserati… so i guess really im comparing it to one of the most beautiful cars of all time. the fact the ford, my least favorite company in the world, owned this model for the longest time RLY RLY RLY pisses me off

yeah, i wonder why it has the logo with wings on it?:eyebrowlift2:

i mean not compare but how you can mistake aston martin DBS with hundai those cars are so much diffrent just look on the lights those are one of the most famous back lights i think only Corvette C6 have more, iconic lights.

heh, first time I saw one with the wings, I didn’t realise that it was a genesis, and I thought that it was an Aston Martin of some sort or another (in a rural area like this too :stuck_out_tongue: )

like i said, i was at a car show with someone who had a hyundai genesis who changed the front and rear lights. its not hard to do, and its a prety common after market change allong with spoiler, tires, and body kits.

and my pos. stands that aston martin stole the design of the whole car from maserati! lol

i see but still, i would see that car from very far and say astonmartin! :smiley: but nevermind. Do you have some idea about next car after murcielago? and can you tell more about stilling design from maserati.

that is definately not a gensis lol

I have made some renders.

wow, totally amazed, especially with the exhaust pipes, is that modeled or textured, because it’s a way high poly if modeled and awesome texturing if textured.
also the rims are awesome
have you decided a final color yet?:smiley:

acctualy no xD i don’t know with color i think i will just make render of 2 my favorite colors racing on the track or standing somewhere. in garage or somethink like that. There is no textures hear. exhuast is modeled.

Well All gotta say looks great (even after what I said before) been away lol playing with a new toy I got myself (rc helicopter)
And helping my brother so had to browse through the thread :smiley:

So nice anyway no looking really great :wink:

my position stands, anyone can get aftermarket rear lights, the genesis has the wings in the back, and a body kit will cost you 800 bucks… i dont know the aston martin well enough, but the definatelty DOES look like an aftermarket genesis 3t regardless of what it is or isnt.

look at the maserati…

now look at the aston…

a couple minor changes here and there. the aston is rounder, and they switched out the bumper, but ultimately it is the same base model.

If you are interested here is a suburu BRZ that also stole the model…

as far as my next car goes. once im done with my organic model, its a toss up between a classic bugatti and a dodge viper.

I never really noticed the similarities between the Maserati and the Aston Martin before… but that Subaru does look like it’s a copy.
for your next model, I’d go with the viper as it hasn’t been done as much around here.

on the brz, look at hthe back-side window, the front headlamps, the elongated hood, the way the edges of the front quarter panels lip upwards and come down to a point at the bumper, and the shape of the head lamps.

alright. for that i was thinking a drift scene in the hills of somewhere like origon where there are a lot of trees.

yyyy diude… But maserati is Made from 2007.
And if you will take aston martin DB9 with is acctualy exacly the same as DBS but more sporty. you will se that DB9 was made in 2003. So maserati have riped aston.

Engine cover done :smiley:

maserati from 2003.

notice the similarities between the models STILL… its hard for car companies to come up with original looks anymore. they all do it. its like music. in 1980 ferrari stole the classic lamborghini look and mixed it with a delorian. in 2003 aston jacked maserati. they all do it.

looking good btw, but a see a small amount of pinging where the top of the bumper rounds, well, around, on the upper left corner of the bumper.

OMG! i just traced the predecessors of both maserati and aston… they ripped off of EACH OTHER, repeatedly… LOL. the car shape came from aston, maserati made several significant changes, aston took them then made several, maserati took it and made several, and till this day they have been piggy backing off each other XD LOL