Ferrari - Testarossa (update [1.1.2004)

Hi !

after this massacre of my lambo model ( ) and many many hours of trying to correct faults. (thx @ z3r0 d) i decited to give up my lambo model and started with another. (scince my first model i read much more tut´s about cars… and i were even in a Lamborghini Store to get real blueprints … [they hadnt any])

Well i get many Blueprints from:

… and have began my work on Ferrari :slight_smile:

i have done nothing except extrude meshes and places verticles in the right place… this cost time, but i wonder about the result 8)

how do you think about it ? C&C are welcome !

… i think i get it ready in next few days

Greez Andre

and a happy new Year !

Looks very good so far.
But please post some larger images with a nicer combination of foreground/background colour next time (it bites currently, distracts from the modeling)!

Looks like a good start. Mesh looks very clean too.

Just keep going.


a few details… then its done hopefully :slight_smile: