Ferrari Wheels/Tire Commercial

I decided to take the plunge into cars, but i didn’t want to model a car. Instead, I made a ferrari wheel, and thought i could get a cool animation from it, as though it were for a commercial.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Not sure on your accuracy as not seen the wheel.

Modelling looks good; tyre needs some treads on it; the break disk holes don’t appear to have any depth - no idea if this will be a problem or not.

Doesn’t appear to be any seperation between the wheel and the tyre.

I’m going to use bump maps for the tread, i just fixed the depth of the holes. Thanks for the critique :slight_smile:

I also figured out how to create a good looking wheel texture with only 1/4 of a real wheel texture usable.

Side of the tyre looks really good; the other part looks laching in geometry/bumpmapping - no lines circling the tyre.

I know i need to finish that part. hmm maybe i should have said that :stuck_out_tongue:

No really? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yeah, any ideas on how to make the tread? I’m having issues replicating it.

I made my tyre for current project (in my sig) using all geometry (i prefer modelling to anything else and like the challenge of getting it looking decent without textures.) I started with a circle, 64 verts iirc. put the 3d cursor in the centre then split a section off and used the spin tool.

I didn’t add any loop cuts that needed to circle the tyre to sharpen up creases until I’d got the geometry done; merging after using spin could have messed up the merge process. I did add loop cuts to sharpen up where needed than ran across the tyre before using spin tool.

I’m also thinking that the tyre may have too much geom crossways, but am reluctant to try editing incase it messes up. I suppose I should have used an array modifier.