Ferret Power!!

A ferret WIP: To be animated…


Give feedback on the body anatomy, please, but keep in mind I was modelling as if it were on a slanted plane, so the back legs are higher than the front. ( A little ) But that’s okay, it’s going to be animated anyway. FERRET POWER!! :smiley:

The ferret is now animated! (that was fast)
My first four-legged walk cycle!

(same link; see above)


On that link there is only a still…


same here :frowning:

Well bafoon. I’m glad to see that you are actually using Blender, and not just trying to get posts.

The ‘ferret’ certainly looks interesting, mabey could do with a bit of subdivision though. Can’t be bothered to download the walk cycle on a 56k modem.

Took a look at the walk cycle, kinda put a smile on my face just the way his head turns at the end. Maybe try giving this model a subsurf so that we can see what the end result will resemble.

Only thing I had a problem with was the size of that .avi, 10 megs for a 4 second clip is a bit much. Try finding a compression tool or have someone put it into .swf format for you. I’m running a good connection and it only took about 65 seconds to load but dial up users on this forum (of which there are many) won’t even look at anything that’s over a meg.

Keep going with this, should be interesting to see an animated furry animal :slight_smile:

Looks basically-ferret shaped. Paws might need some work (can’t tell from angle of still shot), ears too. The back legs SHOULD be higher than the front, 'cos that’s what ferrets are like. As Demonghast says, subsurf would be a very good idea.

10 megs for 4 seconds ??? That’s insane. What resolution is it ? With the DivX codec you can get a 480*360 movie 20 seconds long below 3 megabytes without comprimising quality at all (and that includes a small sound file too !), and quite a lot lower than that without really lowering the quality.
I have a 56K modem, I only download bigger files (+3mgs) up if there are good screenshots, or it looks interesting. A four-legged animated animal sounds interesting, but 10 megs is far too much.

Well, I was trying to make it sort of low-poly for the sake of my mental health. :slight_smile: I need to work with simple meshes; i’m not that experienced with assigning Armatures, though with ODE Blender, as i figured out after I modelled, you can just select “Assign to nearest Bone!”

As for the commpression, usually it doesn’t work for me when I commpress the file, and it won’t show for some reason.

And for those of you who don’t get a link for video, I don’t know why, its there though.

could not found

same here use photoshop or somthing else.

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