Ferrovia - 3D Motion Graphics


(dimitribastos) #1

Hi there. I would like to share my first Blender work, which was broadcast on television here. I have lots of experience with Cinema 4D and Modo, but decided to give Blender a try. Rendered with Cycles.

Hope you like it!


(leandrooliveira) #2

Great work, man!

(dimitribastos) #3

Thanks! :smiley:

(comeinandburn) #4

Wow!! Incredibly professional result!!

(dimitribastos) #5

Many thanks!

(Mr. Chuan) #6

You’re a pro! no doubt. It deserves a top row NOW!

(heydotory) #7

Wow! It’s a nice try and good result. :slight_smile:

(b_fish) #8

Very well executed! I like it a lot.

(julperado) #9

Wow, this is very good. Great work!

(wilBr) #10

wow… very very good… congratulations.

(DM9) #11

Fantastic result indeed. All thumbs up.
Did you use motion capture to animate the hands?

(dimitribastos) #12

Hey, guys! Thank you very much for your kind words!

No motion capture, I animated frame by frame. I had the chance do visit the factory where the sunglasses were made, so I could film the process for reference.

Also, a side note: I used Blender for coloring and even some editing. THe letterings are After Effects though.

(DM9) #13

Wow, that´s even more impressive, the hand movement is really convincing. In fact I thought it was video footage, combined with 3d until I saw the screenshot with the hand. ^^ …

(bkpsusmitaa) #14

Wow! Brilliant, Sir!
I have an old libavcodec and can’t update. Couldn’t watch from Vimeo. Could you please upload the video to YouTube for our watching, Sir?

(rattle-snake) #15

Amazing !
I didn’t even notice in the video that hands were in CG :slight_smile:

(Klamauk) #16

Those hands are somewhat the best hand animation I’ve ever seen and you did that by doing it frame by frame. Just insane.

Keep it up!

(ryken) #17

wow!! nice work man

(MmAaXx) #18

amazing, in the first place I tought the hands were real

(dustsounds) #19

Just like most people here - I found this super realistic. Excellent work!

(janmatys) #20

Ehm … R U just kidding man??? WOOOOOW…