Festival of Speed - BGE Racing Game

That’s the type of feel I’m aiming for :smiley: :wink:

I love your profile picture :slight_smile:

This is the first of many Digital displays in the vehicles:D

What you guys think? :eyebrowlift:

first of many @[email protected] creative

Well Done man Great stuff man. :):yes:
It really looks Good man.

Marvin, you may consider inverting it’s color scheme - make it’s background black and the bars and numbers emit blue light. It would look more modern and stylized than.

I’m using that exact design for another car :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :smiley:

Ur right ^^ This is also the only racing game with good potential on this forum. Look at these car designs of his game

Really? What about Engine Roar? Doesn’t it have potential?:slight_smile:

I really like one-man-projects so i dont really spend much focus on team projects. Especially Marvin designs and builds logic system by himself.
The game you mention does have it potential but i dont think it really needs encouragement more than weaker individual.

Some more screenshots

It looks awesome ! You’re doing it by yourself … You’re proving that even one person can do good game :slight_smile: Is there any demo released ?

looks amazing :slight_smile:

The first video was a test, this display is #1 :smiley:

5 more to go :yes:


Looks great so far, however I think a shadow under the car is a must. Perhaps using the ‘negative’ lamp method with a shadow texture, or a vertex parented sunlamp could work. The camera shake makes is a lot more immersive as well!

I have the shadow disabled to work on the gameplay, my pc isn’t that good :wink:
I will enable it when I’m finished.

Thanks for commenting

Is FPS locked at 20?:smiley: The lighting here looks pretty nice!:slight_smile: