Festive Fun Voting (Unofficial Weekend Challenge!)

Theme: Festive Fun

Style: Stop motion / claymation / paper cut out

Pure Entries

  • Casio23


  • Quandtum


  • SpynalTom


  • HELIX: Gumby and Pokey Christmas


  • JayDez: The Lighted Tree


  • Robo3Dguy


Non-Participating Entries

  • rarebit


@JayDez, I gotta say your entry is, despite it’s simplicity, quite intriguing. What a cool way to use cubes, the boringest geometric shape, to make a piece of artwork. Nice!

@SpynalTom, excellent work here, just cut back on the DOF next time :smiley:


Phew I thought i’d posted the wrong one for Casio23 for a moment! But it was non participating!

Here’s HELIX’s non participating one:

How dare you try to hide this gem from us with a misspelling in the link rarebit! Shame on you, but I cracked the code:)

Here’s rarebit’s non participation entry:

@Robo3DGuy: Thanks.

All the entries are great! Especially Casio23, love the paper cut-out style. You did that really well.

Thanks HELIX, I honestly didn’t do it on purpose, well no consciously anyway!

Interesting voting at the moment, head to head between SpinalTom and Robo3Dguy… Exciting!

I’ve found a new theme tune for the WC, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOsdS5irjAo and of you want i’ll send a Chrunchie as a prize instead of a fictional conspiracy whadoyamacallitathingyamabob…

haha rarebit, that fits perfectly with the WC. whenever i see WC i think of water closet (toilet).
spynal tom is winning, but i think the Dof almost ruined an amazing picture.
nice render robo3dguy :smiley: the paper cut-out is painfully easy - just planes and AO.

That’s what I always think, but I was trained that way.
It’s doubly bad for me since it’s my Mum’s initials!

P.S. I’ll close voting when the next WC opens!

is there someone in there?

Busy pal !

WINNER: SpynalTom 5 31.25%

  •                        Casio23              2             12.50%
  •                        <i>Quandtum</i>           3             18.75%
  •                        SpynalTom         5             31.25%
  •                        HELIX                 1             6.25%
  •                        JayDez              2             12.50%
  •                        Robo3Dguy        3             18.75%

Sorry for the delay, I always thought about it at the wrong time!