Festivity Grid: Amazing detail using just volumetric textures on a cube mesh


All this is just a cube with 3 cellnoise textures and a volumetrics build, amazing in what you can do with just a cube and a volumetric texture, looks like tons of detail when in reality it’s only a volume texture in a cube.

EDIT: Made the image just a tad brighter in post-pro


No image bro

Please make the image smaller in size. 890kb is way to much for 1000x1000. Don’t forget that some people use the ancient modem and then how are they going to see your stuff.

I see it, maybe imageshack was temporarily down.

i see it too

I compress it anymore, some really subtle detail here and there gets lost in compression.

I see it now. Unbelievable! Show that over at CGTALK, don’t say how you’ve done it and issue the challenge to reproduce this with a few clicks.

I don’t have a CGTalk account and don’t have access to my email right now (I may need it back if I’m going to sell art)

I would not think I’d need a CGTalk account.

Speaking of saying unbelievable, it seems to be similar wording to when someone asked if I rendered out Metallic Complexion in Maxwell.

Also, there’s no AO in the pic. (the volumetrics currently doesn’t get affected by that) The scattering gives the illusion of nice lighting.

Sweet, whats the Blur effect around the outside?

That’s just what the volumetrics do when you extend solid looking volumetrics to cover the entire image, I did some sharpening in the compositor to help compensate for this.

Wtf are you talking about. Subtle detail. It’s just a filter you used in PSP. We are not one of you stupid clients.

I compressed it to 250 Kb with no loss of detail what so ever.

It’s more like subtle detail as in subtle, but noticable change in coloring, in the paint.net .jpeg preview, a certain area of subtle color shapes gets lost in the compression. I noticed that and it bugged me.

You could use the portable network graphic format, it compresses a fair bit, but it is lossless.

I did initially save this in .png, but it’s a bit bigger in file size.