Few Animation and physics problems.

I have some problems and i hope someone can help me.

  1. i’ve tried to make an animation with a UFO crashing in to the castle.
    i made alot of brics (cubes) and put them on top of each other and made the all “actors-dynamic-rigid body” but when i press shift-ctrl-alt-p (physics calculation?) blender move my brics inside each other. what am i doing wrong?

  2. Is it possible to change settings (for example make many mesh’s actors at the same time) ?

  3. Is it possile to apply physics to mesh’s but still make the move only when other mesh crash in to them? (i’ve tried to make a wall and a sphere crashing in to it but the brics bounce and a wall breaks before sphere touch them)

P.S. Sorry for bad English:o

please help me! i really need your help.

It sound like you have interpentrating planes. Make sure the bricks are not inside one another before you issues the P command in the 3D window. You might want to conisder building your wall using the “Auto-masonary” script that is posted in the Python section.

Remember, you will have to record the generated key frames to the IPO window before you can start adjusting the timing. So I would approach it as a “blow up the wall” animation, then simply keyframe the UFO crashing as a non-physics tradtional key frame animation.