few bugs or trouble.

ok, here is some trouble that i can’t get ride of it. first sometimes there is some key in NLA editor, in the strip line thats are nor movable and do not correspond to any key in my armature as seen in the action windows. I d like to remove them because its realy annoying as i use NLA windows for timing.
second, sometimes cliking on the key in NLA windows help to select the column of key in Action Windows, but sometimes it dont work and i need to use B key. third is ther a way to activate a snap in the NLA windows like in Action windows. thanks

  1. There should be no keys in the Strip, only the Action Chanel. I’d need to see a pic or a blend to be of any help.
  2. It will only transfer to the Action if the object is Active (last one selected with RMB).
  3. Only to Current and Nearest Frame, Shft-S 1 and 2.