Few Demos

Heres a few templates/demos iv made:
(I didn’t spend alot of time on making them look nice)

Smoke Demo:

This shows how smoke from a plane, car or anything that will move can be achieved:


Very Simple Customizing:

This is a quick test i made for customizing vehicles, characters etc…

It looks really ugly.

Monkey Sailing:


Well iv decided to release the first small level test we made since we haven’t really made any more progress in a while, we do have a selection of boats and another level but thats only a model, so here it is, theres not much in it and the mission isn’t totally finished :confused: but feel free to take a look:


Text working in the Game Engine:

This is a simple template with Text working in the GE


Simple Uzi model:



Hope these can be of some help to someone,
More soon… :slight_smile:

Hey cool!

yea I learn lots from .blend files :slight_smile:


Nice work!

Not to be a stick in the mud, but the monkey sailing one doesn’t work. It’s probably just me though…

Thanks for your stuff!

The download doesnt work or the .blend?

The .blend. If no one else has this problem don’t worry about it!

Ah yes, it does take a while to load up, give it a couple of seconds you’ll see :wink:
it loads as if its a big intense game :stuck_out_tongue:

Works fine for me.