Few modeling questions (+ 1 shadow -Eevee Question)

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I tried few extrude options but it mostly ends with this

Is there a way to keep the original angles, or do i have to fix it later?

Can someone point me to a mirror tutorial. I wanna mirror this but no idea how.

and now the shadow, i tried doing the stuff that were shown in that Light thread but seems it din’t help with this

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If you select the ring of faces you want to extrude. Then press β€œE” to extrude and then enter, followed by alt+s it will scale it from its original shape.

The mirror modifier works the same in 2.8 as it does in 2.7+

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Is it possible to contstrain to an axis
I have 10 edges and it seems they keep going down and down, each time i am extruding and when extruding outside, it goes up

Seems like sometimes its all good and sometimes happens what i typed above

When scaling you can press the respective x,y,or z and it will only scale on that axis. Also you can press shift x,y,or z and it will scale along every axis other than the selected x,y,or z axis.

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The thing is it does not work, it mostly does what I said, only few time it did it correctly and pressing Y,Z or X after you ALT+S it does nothing at all. If someone don’t believe me, tell me how to turn on the showing of what you pressed and i will get some recording software.

Alt+s is a command by itself, no need to select an axis when using alt+s. Regular scaling can be constrained by just simple β€œs” then push the axis you want to scale on. Shift+axis locks out the axis you want to scale on, for example I want to scale something on the x and y axis and not the z. I would push shift+z and it will now scale only the x and y

seems if I extrude up (Z) and then alt+s it will be okay, then i moved (-Z) and it worked. I really wish i knew why only sometimes it works, I hope i find out why, extruding each time, alt+s and then moving it to the correct place. i mean with simple topology that is not a problem but otherwise its gonna be annoying