Few my works...

So, here is a few my last works:
Lot of work here:
Just a model on my table:


very nice materials.


My thoughts exactly! The look fantastic! :o

the trains great :o , hey we are snoopies ears!!! it looks like those money pigs, but made out of copper

the trains great :o , hey we are snoopies ears!!! it looks like those money pigs, but made out of copper, the train looks like made out of old copper (when copper grows old it rusts, i think, and becomes green, like the statue of liberty), the train is amazing, nice detail level, can you make a bigger pic

hey we are snoopies ears

Actualy ears are in a both sides of a head… Realy. Take a look again…
Train… I guess I want to see him as it looks for now … Anyway:

heya snoopies !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great !
Nice work on the first picture :o

ah! now i see the ears, just needed my glasses 8) , but their small, the original snoopy had bigger, more bisible ears, i asked for the bigger pic to have a better view of the incredible detail level your train has

nice stuff…

but I wonder out of curiosity why the train has been rendered in a Orthographic view? looks weird, it looks not very perspective, or you had another idea?

would like to know :slight_smile:

I hope I will have a few days to make some kid of scene for it. Anyway, for now it’s all . %|

Snoopy friend is here also!
http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~csd/wood6.jpg :stuck_out_tongue:
the clothes are a long storie that I don’t think I’ll be able to explain

Realy greate… I love when people doing something with soul… Da best :smiley:


that train is amazing must have taken you yonks.

The train is really nice. It would benefit from a nice fake GI light dome though instead of just a spot light.


Sorry wrong post

I allready wrote all this things, but my topic does’nt show up… :frowning:
So once again…
I dont have any projects to include this train ( and snoopy :smiley: ) for now, so If I’ll have one , I will texture it and will make some lighting. I’m running out of time now, making a clip for gas-station company… I hope I will upload it soon , there you can find a texturing , lighting and everything else… The clip will contain 2 renders (Blender native , and Bryce - for nature and flora) …
Thats all for now.
Oh allmost forgot : http://www.absolute.lv/guests/my/zn.jpg
Have a nice day :smiley: .


the ghost train looks very nice, like something to eat… :smiley:


hey Bone,

is this your comments and art?




I wonder if this the same person one in one, or anyone misscrediting you… but please tell us, if it is true or not

if it is, nice comments :wink:


Yeah… Comments are my. You see I realy hate Ton. Few yeards ago he was a great guy, there was a lot of blender ideas and lot of suggestions became real (last one , as I remember was fullscreen :), but I have tired to see how one man (not 2 or 3) cant write a page of code and just put that yafray inside of Blender, and when I told them all this stuff, they suggested to learn python !
Thats all… I just hate lazy guy’s I guess :slight_smile: