Few question to do with track to

well my first question is is there a way so u have lots of enamys with track to but so they dont overlap they stand side by side

my second question is there a way so track to doesnt work with a near sensor if say there behind a wall and so they cant walk through walls


  1. If the enemies are dynamic, they won’t overlap each other if they collide.

2a. You can use a ray sensor in addition to the near sensor to detect if there’s a wall.

2b. Making the enemies dynamic will also prevent them from going through walls.

hi thanks i cant try those atm but iv never used ray senors before can u explain in a bit more detail what that does (btw im gonna have like 10 enamys on screen at once, if there all dynamic wont they lag?)


  1. For more info on ray sensors, or any logic bricks, RTM or check out these demos: ftp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/blender/pub/demos/

  2. Dynamic objects don’t slow the game down that much.