Few questions 2.8

Hey all ,
I have a few questions regarding 2.8 and how i can customize it to my 2.79 behaviour.
I use tablet and left select.
I also found the A key to toggle select and deselect which was nice.

  1. In 2.79 I could select vertices one by one and with “release confirm” i can move them with one click. Can i do the same on 2.8? Now on 2.8 i left select a vert and if i left select again i accidently select the loop.

  2. I switch my key input to blender2.7 on settings input and crtl tab doesnt open selection popup(or pie menu).

3.On 2.79 i had tabs on the left with my custom addons hardops etc. I cant find them on 2.8

  1. On i sculpting i used the alt c shortcut which opens up all sculpting options under cursor. Dont remember if that was sculpting tools option though.

  2. I like the new collections concept which is similar to unreal but i made a collection instance and instance collection is not editable . On 2.79 i use group pro do i continue to use it on 2.8 ?

  3. Is isolate object not impelemented yet?

Any help is very appreciated and thanks in advance.

  1. The “Select” tool should really be renamed “Tweak”. At the top of the toolbar, the first tool is a rotating toggle between Select, box select, lasso select and circle select. You can tap the W key successively and toggle between the different modes. The icon looks like an arrow with any kind of selection.

  2. Not sure what you mean by this. Sorry.

  3. Most of these addons still need to be ported. Not sure where they will end up when the dust clears. Rumor say they will end up in the N panel?

  4. If you use the Sculpt workspace, the tools are on the left side. As far as popups, there have been a bunch of them that have gone missing including the redo panel. I’m assuming this is just temporary but in the mean time, you can check the preferences and see if you can add the command to a key.

  5. You need to add an override to the collection in order to alter it.

  6. Isolate is Local mode and it’s back mow. Shortcut is the “/” on the numpad.

Thanks for your reply! Yeap its a bit too early for me to fully switch. I will however try porting stuff to Eevee.