Few Questions About Low-Polylgon Modeling

So I’ve been playing around with really high polygon sculpting, like 500k faces, but I need to be learning average game modeling.

So here is an example of a shield I started modeling with sculpting.

That’s at 130k and is not close to a full mesh. When it’s done and detailed, will be around 600k. So I need to drop that significantly for later models I’m going to be doing for games.

So take a game like World of Warcraft, would anyone be able to give me an estimate on what like the average amount of polygons you’d find in like a shield or given piece of armor?

I’ve taken the same basic design on the shield I had started sculpting, and am trying to learn how to work directly with the polygons. This is my result so far (at 125 faces).


I’ve tried to remove all possible polygons, and had a bit of a pain removing all of the triangles from what started i guess as a box model. Is this about average for what could be expected in a mid range game like WoW, and more importantly am I be most standards “doing it right?”

a more updated version. same questions apply.

I can’t say I’m intimate with World of Warcraft or its polygon counts, but let’s have a look. Here’s a screenshot. As you can see, legs and arms are 4 or maybe 5-sided… so I doubt they’d put 10-sided horns on a shield. Getting a consistent level of detail is more important than having a specific polygon count. Here’s a page that seems to have plenty of screenshots of shields.

thanks man. i shaved some off the horns and played with the rest a bit. good looking out :slight_smile: