Few questions

Hey guys, I had a few questions. (1)How do you load youre own env. maps? When I try to load one, it says its not the right size. I am loading a perfect square pic. (2) How do you load a picture as your background?

env maps [in the env map texture] are weird in blender, they are 6 square images in a 3x2 ratio image [render one and save it to see]

what you probably want it an image texture, mapped to the nor channel or refl channel

for the second question if you want a a backgroiund image in the render its under the render options – click the ‘backbuf’ button and select the image under the second fileselect box thats a little above the backbuf button… If you want a background image in modelling window in camera view its under view -> background image in the lower left corner o the 3d screen

Hey I cant render to file anymore. It is real strenge. Any ideas? Anyway, My env. maps are screwed up. And please dont say"Oh no I think that looks fine" :wink: And no, the base isnt supposed to be blue.http://img17.exs.cx/img17/7538/bunsenburner.jpg Thanks

After you render, to save the rendered image go here:
Hope this is what you needed.

you could just use raytracing… saves you a lot of work… env maps should only used if you want special reflection effects or if you want fast renders.

Yeah, it saves it but saves it as some strange file type. Why wont it just auto save? what is the best metal texture? My current dosent look to metalic.

When you save make sure you type the right extension after the name.
So if you rendered in Jpeg format make sure its “image.jpg” and not just “image” It wont auto save because it isnt in the code to auto saved rendered images.

HUH? I didnt change any code. It used to work fine. Also, how would you import an object from another blender file?