Few questions!

Question 1: How do I use the gravity thingy? As I found out in the render settings there’s a gravity but how do I use it?
Question 2: How do I make fluids less fat? If you know what I mean, 'cause when you follow the tutorial it looks like metal fluid but how do you make it flow more like water?
Question 3: How do I make fluids flow AS LONG AS I WANT!? Like when I wanna make water flow into the screen for some time and then stop flowing?
Question 4: How do I make balls roll? I’ve posted it before but I had a weird answer :stuck_out_tongue:
Question 5: How do I make the shadow lighter? Cause when something’s 0.5 alpha the shadow shouldn’t be 100% but it is!

For gravity, you need to go to the logic tabs with the object selected. (it must have a material since dynamic properties can be set there from the DYN mode) activate Dynamics and rigid body buttons, then, with mouse on 3d window, press P to run the simulation if it’s ok, go to yhe “game” menu in the info header and check record to IPO; rerun the simulation with P and you can now play it as a

isn’t it usable in a animation?

… normal animation from timeline or press alt-P

for fluids, beside the presets. you can go manual and increase viscoity with Higher negative exponent (lower values) just as explained on this page:

for rolling ball and other gravity things, you often need a steady object to bounce/roll upon, for this, with object selected press only
the actor button of logic tab.

for third question, you can change animation lenght with scene settings if that’s what you mean. or inflow/outflow for space limits or animate viscosity , anyway, check that page I told you for answer.

To make shadows appear lighter, you have to set transhad to ‘on’ for the material that RECEIVES the shadow. So, if you shine light through water on to a table, the table must be set to receive transparent shadow.

Rolling is not so simple…you 've also to assign some values to several parameters in the material buttons of the rolling object.