Few quick questions from beginner


First of all my deepest appreciation to all the coders and individuals helping others on this forum.

I downloaded and compiled the source, read the wiki/stickies. Few simple questions:

  1. Are there ANY tutorials online (Videos/web/anything) that give a good overview? All searches link to python so it’s hard to find Blenders C specific material. It is not a must but would help.

  2. I realize this is a generic question however I am interested in hearing what is in your opinion a good AREA to start exploring/fiddling with?

  3. Tried to extend array modifier. Where does this error stem from?
    rna_def_property_set_func: ArrayModifier.testproperty has no valid dna info.

Thank you!

Unfortunetely there isn’t much that I could find. You may get somewhere by looking at some of the diffs on developer.blender.org to see how others have done particular features in the past, for example you could look at the modifier I created to see the different areas of the code that need to be altered to add a modifier:

Idk, I found modifiers to be fairly good, as they are fairly self contained, so you are unlikely to break huge amounts of other things. That said, thats all I’ve done so far, so I’m sure there are other areas that are good too.

I haven’t seen that error before but it looks like the binding with the python api (RNA) and the internal data structure for the modifier data (DNA) is not setup properly. I would guess either your RNA configuration is not pointing to the correct property (source/blender/makesrna/intern/rna_modifier.c), or it hasn’t been added to the ArrayModifierData struct (source/blender/makesdna/DNA_modifier_types.h).

Thank you kindly, your reply has helped a lot!

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