few simple interface issues


I have Blender 2.5
When i render an image I cant seem to get out of the screen. eg when i click UV editor after i hit render I cant seem to get rid of the render screen. REnder hide/view F11 doesnt work?
Also when i render the textures dont display for me.

For your first question, are you rendering to full screen or to a separate window?

it just says render image ? in preferences can i change this because i couldnt find it.

also the menu bar of file add render help will disappear when i click on 3D view.

[F12] is the render key
[F11] returns your window leaving the render window.

Hitting [Esc] key works for me.

You change your render display type in Render Properties, in the Render panel. There’s a dropdown labeled ‘Display’ with the choices: Fullscreen, Image Editor, New Window, and Keep UI. Which setting are you using?