Fewer 3D artists providing virtual staging services use Blender. Why?

Hi all,

I was doing a rough survey of top-rated 3D artists on fiverr who provide virtual staging services to find out if they used Blender. I was a bit surprised that most successful ones weren’t using Blender. Instead they use 3Ds max, corona rendering and Adobe Photoshop for different parts of their workflow.

I wonder if there’s a particular reason for this lack of adoption of Blender among artists working in this specific 3D niche.

I would love to hear what experts on this forum have to say about this.

For context, I have been using Blender for only a year. I’m a computer vision researcher by training and have a passion for 3D graphics.

Not really an expert or have any real experience in that field.

From what I know 3ds max has better integrations with other relevant software imports stuff from CAD and BIMs better than Blender and overall is a better fit for that type of precise highpoly modeling. Cycles didn’t handle interiors that well also some time ago. There are good alternatives like E-Cycles and Luxcore now, but it wouldn’t make sense to change a established workflow for that.

Thanks for the response! It might be the late arrival of cycles in Blender compared to other alternatives otherwise the advantage of being able to create a highpoly model is rather moot for an indoor scene with mostly flat planar surfaces. I find the modularity of node graphs a really powerful differentiator for Blender.