Fewer flame than usual (compared to other forum's board). Greats! (435.21 KB .GIF)

I’ve been in a few other forum (had quit them) and have had a whole lot of issues with flame war and stuffs so when I saw this .GIF I just had to bookmark it and wait for somebody to make a flaming post and yet for the last few days I have not seen any:eek: (beside a few close call). Well Done Adm and Mod in keeping up the nice environment on this board :smiley:

oh yeah? well FUCK YOU!!!


lol there really is fewer flame than what i usually see and i’m happy about this since i’m here mainly to enjoy the kind of topics many like-minded ppl here provides (though I’ll need to get back to learning blender3d again soon ([Mumbles]after I figure out the darned wireless card issue with my ubuntu[/mumbles]))

At the very least what this mean to me is that once I do bring something to the WIP or finished forum, I could bring it without the fear of having somebody adding an unneccesary negative comment here and there or throw the entire thread into the gutter.

Ya Radscientist there are some cool images for that purpose. My personal favorite:


Hahaha, these are great.