FF7AC:Cloud's swords (Rhino 3D/Blender)

Hello, here’s my Cloud’s swords model from Square-Enix’s movie, Final Fantasy VII. Advent Children. Using reference from the movie itself and info from some webpages.

I did some change on swords’s shape to make them look more practical and avoid overlapping when they attatch together as much as i can (but there’s still some -_-’).

Start by modeling in Rhino 3D, export to Blender, create texture in Paint Shop Pro 5 (i use Photoshop for only one tga image, tga image create from PSP5 crashed YafRay -_-’) then render with YafRay.

hi-res image

hi-res image

Handles close-up
hi-res image

combination step


Here’s my thread on cgtalk

C&C is welcome :slight_smile:

Very nice… I like all the detail. I think rhino looks like a great program, and makes me want to learn nurbs :slight_smile:

I have not seen the movie, but the swords look great. they just seem to lack a bit of sharpness?

On the second picture isn’t the smaller sword (on the side) a little bit longer than that? I’m not sure because I never got a good look at it during the movie. lol.