FFC - Sky game caracter

Hi every one

This model has been modelate with 3dsMax (sorry, nobody is perfect) and the textures are make with Illustrator, and rigging, skinning and rendering with blender… I discover this software last month, and I think it can make realy good jobs…

For next caracter, I’ll use wings3d to modelate it…

Arffff, yes I forget, this caracter is for a Game I make with a friend.
It’s call Fakie flaire challenge. It’s an free style sky game in OpenGL.
I can’t tell you more at the time :wink:

So image now :Z


Sweet! That looks very good! I’m looking forward to see more from you.

By the way, welcome to Blender :D.

excellent character

absolutely awesome. i like your style

whaaaooooowwwwww thanks for the comments.
I’m happy… :Z :Z

So this model was created with 1580 triangles.
We have an triangle limite of 2000 tri in our game engine, we want it work on little machin configurations…
And it’s a good chalenge to make expressive caracter on very low polygones.
And I like chalenges…
Next is to realise same thinks with free softwares : wings3d, blender, sodipodi…

In this way, someone know any very powerfull free vector software, with lines effects, and object sub elements like illustrator ?

Reguards… :wink:

how do you create this effect, the cartoonish shading? (not the cellshading, the 3 colors shading)

Great style! :smiley: Very nice texture detail. Good action poses as well. Love the fro. 8)

You should give Blender a try for modeling as well. It is very fast since most of the modeling tools have keyboard short cuts. No sense hunting for buttons, menus, and tool bars like in other programs. Ideas travel much faster from your head to the screen than with Max. :wink:

Thanks for yours reply, I’m glad :wink:

So 4go10, To render as toon as possible, I used only illustrator for map création, Usint only shape to make specular effect and shadows for clothes corners… ect ect…
I neve use gradients or bitmap effect, only shape.
For blender cell shading render, I use toon specular and toon shading, And I tweek there parameters and self illumination… that’s all.

For modeling with blender, erich, no I prefer wings3d, I love this one…
Next time I’ll use this one… Export to object and make mapping/Texturing/rigging/posing and rendering with blender…
I don’t like selection tool of this last, point by point si to long, I think.
It’s my point of view :Z
As if it exist loop edge selecter and anothers tool, I prefer wings… sorry :wink:

So thanks a lot :wink: :Z