FFMpeg and AviSynth rendering crash

I’m trying to render a sequence containing a few strips in the Sequence editor, and trying to render with sound for the first time. I know most people have serious problems with this, and I can only play back multiplexed mp4 Audio/Video files with FFplay, not Quicktime. Regardless, I think FFMpeg is lagging behind Blender’s rendering capability, because I can render the first 50% (approx.) of a video coming from an AVS script, and then it begins to slow down, or output solid green frames, and then Blender crashes entirely.

I really don’t think it’s that much to ask to be able to render a video that I can already play back in real time (either the raw AVCHD file or the AVS script), am I doing something wrong? I know this is a very specific case, but I think other people have had success rendering video from AVCHD to AVISynth to Blender, considering that there’s a well-kept wiki for BlenderAVC.

I’m using Blender 2.48 (2.49 crashes even faster) on Windows Vista 64, with whatever version of FFMpeg comes with BlenderAVC.

If you are already familiar with AVISynth perhaps try using DGAvcdec, VDubMod and AVISynth to generate a .png image sequence and separate sound file from each of your video shots. Then import them into blender, edit, CC and then either frame serve out to a decent video encoder like HCEnc for mpeg2 (Freeware), Quicktime Pro or Cinema Craft Encoder SP2, using the Vfapi interface or render out a ‘Master’ again as .png image sequences and separate final audio design, then import image sequences and audio straight into the encoders through their gui’s or CLI.

The X264 project from VideoLan is excellent and is included in the FFmpeg package although you can install the codec directly without need for FFMpeg.

Have you tried the latest build of FFMpeg 0.5 with the CLI to encode with, rather than blenders packages version?

CCE also uses AVS import method. Any sharpening can be done in the encoder too, one of the last operations. It avoids using FFmpeg from start to finish, which I think is a plus at the moment.

Wow… um, that was a lot of words.

Anyway, I see what your saying, I’m not actually that familiar with AVIsynth, and my FFMpeg is definitely out of date, but I’ve never compiled from an SVN before, and I’m kind of scared. :o

I’ll try that before doing anything that requires me to convert the files to a .png sequence, simply because I don’t have that much hard drive space.