FFMPEG Audio - Couldn't Initialize CODEC

Hey all,

I’m trying to render out an edited video and whenever I enable the multiplexed audio, no matter the audio codec, I get that above error.

I am in Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop, but I don’t think its a hardware issue. :slight_smile:

Any ideas of where to look or what to do?

Terminal output is:

[email protected]:~/blender-2.47-linux-glibc236-py25-i386$ ./blender
Compiled with Python version 2.5.2.
Checking for installed Python... got it!
Starting output to /home/statik/Videos/Projects/Church_Anni/Main_Video0001_1000.dvd(ffmpeg)...
  Using type=1, codec=2, audio_codec=86016,
  video_bitrate=6000, audio_bitrate=128,
  gop_size=18, multiplex=1, autosplit=0
  render width=720, render height=480
[mpeg2video @ 0x91f291c]MPEG1/2 does not support 3000000/100099 fps


What is a ‘.dvd’ file? That may be part of the problem.

A .dvd file is what is produced when you use the DVD ffmpeg preset. It’s not the problem.

It could be to do with your fps, however…
I’m having a similar issue myself, at 25fps, so I’m not sure this is the issue.
I’m running Ubuntu Studio 8.04 64 bit, with the medibuntu repo and extra codecs installed.
Any clues would be most welcome.