FFMPEG desaturation

Hello, here on BlenderStackExchange, Makerbaker asks why there’s a difference of color between his scene and his final render as FFMPEG movie. If I render and load the movie in Blender, I won’t see any difference, but it’s true that with other apps or with a navigator the pink color will appear desaturated. The Color Management has been set to Standard and not Filmic. If anyone understands it would also interest me :wink: File here. Thanks in advance!

Edit: it’s in Eevee, it looks like it works fine in Cycles

Screenshot (on the left the original colors, on the right the movie as it is seen in another video app):


You have red values higher than 1, you need to export an EXR image sequence to store those. Any kind of movie file will clamp it.

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Oh ok thanks a lot, I’ll inform the poster