ffmpeg is now buildable with Scons!

I think this is a very good news… I wrote a very short notice about this here:
along with my instructions for compiling Blender on Kubuntu 6.06 LTS here:
Thanks to Peter Schlaile for this nice addition! Compiling Blender is now more and more user-friendly :slight_smile:

that’s good news.

two questions, though:

  1. will you offer pdf’s from your tutorials any time soon?
  2. is there a way to hack current stable Blender into this way of compilation?

:smiley: Nice reminder! I totally forgot about this! I’ll try to do it this week, if it’s possible… I requested the update of the plugin enabling this and the author has been kind enough to provide it, so I guess I really have to install it, now :smiley:

Not a straightforward one. A solution could be to download the SVN revisions enabling this and to apply the code changes as a patch to the current stable branch. Unfortunately, it’s totally beyond my skills… I browsed the committers e-mails and apparently the revisions introducing the scons support for ffmpeg are:
(should be the complete list).

Now, if someone could post here the svn commands to issue in order to retrieve only these changes and to apply them to any branch, it would be handy and welcome! :slight_smile:

that would be good. (actually both!)

having a howto to hack the stable branch (or even a ‘canonical’ compile howto) would be nice indeed.