FFmpeg master and OpenJPEG >= 2.1+

I brought this up earlier building against trunk with Debian System OpenJPEG 2.1 and it broke the Blender build. It’s now OpenJPEG 2.3 and it is still broken.

Why does this matter?

FFmpeg has dropped support for OpenJPEG < 2.1 starting after their most recent FFmpeg 3.4 that was just dropped about ten days ago.

It’s time Blender gets up to speed, drops the internal stack they are using and get with the picture.



Attached patch drops support for OpenJPEG 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 2.0. After
this patch, only versions 2.1 and above will be supported (and will require

Tested locally on macOS with OpenJPEG 2.3 by both encoding and decoding a
jp2 file.

Please review.



I would think they’d want to upstream any patches to master and then fix their naming conventions to match that of FFmpeg proper, but that’s up to Blender Devs.

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