FFMPEG Python support?

Is it possible to change ffmpeg rendering settings (such as format and bit-rate) through python in ether 2.49 or 2.52? (preferably 2.49)

Not sure about 2.49.
In 2.5, it’s possible because the settings for ffmpeg are set with python files that you can find in your scripts folder. Check out this folder for 7 examples: .blender\scripts\presets\ffmpeg

In 2.49:

sce = Scene.GetCurrent()
context = sce.getRenderingContext()
context.displayMode = 1
context.extensions = True
context.imageType= Render.AVIJPEG
context.sFrame = 15
context.eFrame = 500
context.fps = 30

See Render module for more params to control…


For the windows users out there, you will find the presets scripts stored with your user “Application Data”. For example:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.53\scripts\presets\ffmpeg

A some what related question:
Is it possible to add additional import formats(if the ffmpeg build has them enabled) - like .avs(Avisynth script) through python?