I have REALLY fought with my self on deciding to spill the beans about this. I guess i just didn’t want to seem like and over exited newbie, not know what i am getting my self into.
But i have been working very hard for about 2 months now…

I am pretty much making ff7 For blender.

There is a LOT involved with every thing, all I am doing right now is the basics. I am extracting the models from the game.

I have (so far) been working on this ALL my self. But today, i got 2 people from my school to help me with some of the work.

This should be a FUN project.
(I may have double posted with this (in the artwork section :() OOPS!)

Please, don’t post download links to material that you don’t own the rights ( or permission to).
Why don’t you target your effort to make something original?

Sounds lots of fun! any screen shots?

sounds rather ambitious, but good luck!
oh, and be careful about making fangames and/or blatant copies… easy to get a thread locked. The BA has been cracking down on fangames and such, so they don’t get in trouble for copyrighted stuff.

I am pretty much making ff7 For blender.

There is a LOT involved with every thing, all I am doing right now is the basics. I am extracting the models from the game. I use Highwind (program for ff7) to extract the data. Biturn (another program) to convert the files to 3ds and blender to import them.

All of this is illegal, this thread will get deleted soon. You can’t simply rip off someone else work, no matter how much you like it, try a clone like game at least.

Then Dream Forgotten can just change the name, storyline and looks of the characters. No need for topic murder.

Then Dream Forgotten can just change the name, storyline and looks of the characters. No need for topic murder.

True, but ripping off models, music and backgrounds to make the game again as it is… no matter how you look at it, is illegal by all sides.
I mean it’s rather common for fans to do fan art and fangames, but at least he should try to make things instead to simply copy them up from one place to another.

Didn’t know that. I assume it’s legal to create models from official conept art. The music has to be composed in the same style as the real game, but not exactly the same music. I dislike fangames anyway. Create something original! :mad:

This is infact all true! infact, we START with the models from the game, we ARE going to be making significant changes to almost EVERYTING. We are planning to up the graphics, we are going to be doing a test on if we can pull off a complete 3D evrironment. and we will be testing our hand at in feild combat.

So after a VERY long meeting with the team, we calculated the EXACT money we would need to pay if caught. I dont think we have that much room in this post, so we will leave it at the fact that is is a LOT of money. Along with that, not to many people like fan-remakes of games, that wasnt REALLY what we were shooting for, but after seeing the responses from people here, I think that you guys hate them. So in spite of all of this, (and fear of getting sued) I think we are drasticly changing this project. Nothing is final yet, but we are hevily considering writing out own story, and making our own game. We will post the verdict here.

untill then, the project is on halt untill we figure out what to do.

The usual way/post, here in the forum, is:
<<I’m gonna make a game like “big/expensive name game here”>>
You’re free to do it, too!
Do a game like the one you’ve named, but with your material/work!
Its simple!
Of course, as far as I know, no one have succeed!

Now I support the project again. :smiley: You should create some extra characters who fit in the ff style, but have never showed up in the serie. That makes your game more than just a fangame.

So are you saying that we should continue, and add characters that fit in with a story line?

and just curious if anyone knows, how much do you have to change somthing before it wouldnt break copyrights?

Everything, almost the only way to have something from another copyrighted stuff in your own work would be like mentioning it on a dialogue, either be a parody (example: character X says: “as easy as swinging a sword on a motorbike”) or as a reference to something of the original (like mako-energy). Maybe the playability could be similar, since it’s an rpg and they are kind of “by the book”.

A graphical reference would be imposible unless it’s almost unrecognisable (like a over pixelated or too small photo of the other game events in this case) or something way too generic to guess from were it comes.

Well I guess that i would have to change it even more than I had thought. I still have not come to a decision on weather or not to continue :frowning:

Dream Forgotten:

Some companies allow fan remakes of their products to be produced. Square Enix is not one of those companies. Please inform yourself by checking the following links about the game “Chrono Ressurection,” a fan-made remake of the original Chrono Trigger:


Some forums allow fangame projects to be discussed on their boards. BlenderArtists is not one of those forums. We have received legal complaints about trademark and copyright infringement in the past, so the administrator has asked that no further fangame projects be discussed here.

My advice to you: If you do decide to remake FF7, don’t talk about it publicly until you are finished with it. And even then, be aware that Square Enix may well sue you for more money than you’ve ever seen.

It would be really cool if you made a game that played and functioned the same as FF7 with different characters and story, but that would almost certainly take you years of dedicated effort. Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Well i guess that completely rules out the whole ‘public updates’ of it all… i am currently trying to confirm something about legal issues, cause i think i have got something. I hope it works out.

OK. so out of fear of getting sued right now, I am going to delete this thread, and I’m going to take down my current site with all the stuff on it. I am going to do this tomorrow at about noon, unless someone comes up with the greatest excuse not to.

Don’t give up man, you can still do it. But you can’t make profit out of it. And you can NOT rip models from the game and use it in your own. But if you make some random models and turn it into a rpg, sure. A fan game??

Why make one, when you could design your own. I mean Cloud is a faggot:spin: And I think you can make a FF7 fan game, there are lots of them over the internet. 2D, 3D…there are sonic fan games, chrono trigger fan games. Mario fan games, lots of them.

And if Square enix don’t want you to make one. They will keep in touch, and tell you to take it down. They must first give you a warning…so don’t give up just go for it :smiley:

So right now, I have the understanding, that if i continue the way I am, I will get a ‘cease and desist’ from Square. But if I make my own models, and story line, and music, and battle system, and maps, and enviroments, and everything, than I would be safe.

but than on the other hand, I see some comments that say go for it but not to make it a fan game.

So im coming to the conclusion that I should just start a WHOLE NEW PROJECT. so confused

I guess It wouldnt be that hard. I have had a good story line of a game for a while. but idk. I guess i would keep this stuff up until square confronts me?

i ask myself what is more rewarding in the long run. Recreating someone else vision (though I’m a very big fan) or creating something that is all my own. This seems like a really easy question when you phrase it so bluntly. Ofcourse the second will be far more difficult because you will need to formulate a plan of action which ultimately needs to be fulfilled. Where as all of the FF7 think was done for you. I’d go the route of the new project it will be a better in the long run. No one is going to make you stop three days before you’re finished and besides if they didn’t give you a cease order and you finished and they later came across it… they’ll go straight for damages.

I actually found myself sitting in on a meeting today about my employer’s policy on Intellectual Property. Good stuff. Ha they’ve got me by the balls all around.