Fiat - APOC


(Croisened) #1

Still deciding what kind of scene to make with this post apocalyptic Fiat and I keep working on textures. I actually modeled it a while back, but I made some improvements and revisited it to port everything to 2.80 and a more PBR material approach.

A couple EEVEE matcap shots…

The early days of this model…

(kubra vachon) #2

Other than dried mug the paint on the car so shiny and looks very clear… It needs scratches, rust, decay etc. And maybe work on color palette more ( I assume it’s an apocalyptic vehicle) :slight_smile:

(yogyog) #3

Firstly - nice model with loads of character!

Secondly - I feel like I’m not entering into the spirit of the thing with this, but - the sward on the back… It looks like it would be too heavy to wield, it doesn’t have any sharp edges, if the blades were sharp, they would be cutting through the ropes, and it could hardly be drawn quickly in an emergency. I feel that these are really nit-picky, as it’s pretty much the sword that makes you know it’s post-apocalyptic, so I’d understand if you went “stop taking everything so literally! It’s stylish! Levels of realism!” … a scabbard would solve a lot of these problems as well.

(cadaei) #4

I thought the sword also felt out of place. It just didn’t seem to fit with the theme. Maybe a modified pick-ax, something that looks found and modified.

(ericthered) #5

Looks pretty good. Only critique is the mud looks like its part of the paint. Its not on the car.
The other is that the directional tread on the rears is on backwards. If the car owner swapped the left rear and right rear wheel/tires it would rectify that and have better traction, less road noise, and shed mud better :wink:

(alf0) #6

this is amazing !!!

(Croisened) #7

Omg can’t believe I didn’t notice the tires. Lol will fix em today, and I drive a jeep!!! Lol. Thanks for the feedback

(Croisened) #8

Made some updates this morning, got the tires corrected. Working around textures trying to make improvements.