fiat concept

hi there !
a small car for a contest in brazil ! this will be the first render ! will just render at better resolution, photoshop it a bit, and then i will post it here !
and then off to the other two !

about the render : blender internal, no AO, 7 minutes render !


From what I can see it looks to close to the ground, and the front could be a little more smooth.

But the background color is too close to the car’s color so is hard to see.

To dark for my taste. But the model and render both look nice. :slight_smile:

looks nice! I like the lights of that car, but I would make the wheels a bit more shiny.

here we go ! final images ! i know they might look dark for some people, but they are suposed to be that way ! maybe i will try some hdri renders !
thanks for the nice words !