Fiat X1/9

Hello, Im trying to make Fiat X1/9, I have basic knowledge of blender, but could you give me tips (modifiers/effects/tricks) on how to make models like this look better?

1h-2h of work.

the model is good after 2h work
right now you need to work on finishing all the modelling. then work on the materials
good work so far

also the car is too flat
maybe add some slight curve on the bonnet and by the wheels
looking forward to the end product

Making it look better depends on what you are going for. Is your goal stylized/cartoon or realistic?

Cartoon from the start, something that would fit those old arcadish racing games

if your going stylized then your doing good

I try to go stylized, I don’t consider myself good enough for realistic.

Fixed some colours, all that is left are decals.

Blender guru has a good video on photorealism
here are some key points:
always start blender learning with photo realism as styalized work needs to have some level of realism to be good
take a look at disney films

the road has photorealism
watch the video even just the firs 15 mins

Also the problem with your render is that the small little indents for the door, lights etc… are not there making it look not as good

blender guru has some great tutorials on texturing realistically

Thank you and I will study these to improve.


Firstly I have to improve meshing and texturing.