Fiber 1.3 for eyebrows w/RVK?

Fiber 1.3 for eyebrows,
bug girl is suffering post party shaved eyebrow syndrome -needs your help…

I was thinking of using The super cool Fiber Generator 1.3, does that support rvks as naturally I’d want to animate the brow? It says “animation temporarily disabled” in help file :frowning: .
If not any other suggestions for eyebrows would be appreciated.
Thanks LB :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you use a seperate mesh for each eyebrow then you can parent each of them to a vert on the head-mesh and animate them seperately. Fibre 1.3 doesn’t support animation OF THE FIBRES but Fibre 2 does. That doesn’t mean you can’t animate the Fibre-mesh. Great work so far!


Thanks Fligh% I considered the parent to vertex thing but I think i’ll need more movement than that - you know arching and flattening.

oohh did i read you right? Fibre 2 not Fibre 1.2?, you’ve got me all excited! I’ll have to go and look for this.
Thanks again

Sorry! Blatant lack of concentration on my part. Fibre 1.2 supports animation.


I would consider painting them on using texture paint. To use it, go into face select mode, open your UV window, hit U (with mouse pointer in 3D window), select ‘from window’, stretch the UV window full screen sideways, so you can get to the ‘pencil’ tool, click it, and just paint them on using your mouse. Just like using the airbrush in photoshop.

I can never seem to get very precise with that, rather use photoshop, but maybe I do it wrong, also uvs are already mapped out.

Well thanks for the lapse of concentration, turned out you were right the first time [!] :smiley:

and thanks for the link ada89