Fiber 2.03

I just download the Fiber 2.03 script. In the .zip file is a .blend file that is basically an exampl of what you can do with it. I worked that out pretty good, but now I want to add grass to my own project.

How do I?

I don’t know how to import the script. :x

I’ve searched google and elysiun but found nothing. :frowning:

you can append the script using Shift + F1. In your blend Hit shift F1, go to the fiber blend, then go to text and a list of the scripts will be there. :slight_smile:

right after opening blender, append the scripts (all three) to the current, blank blender file (the default scene). now press CTRL + U to save over the default scene - this way the scripts will be available in every new project you start.

Yay. Got it working. Thanks. :smiley:

BTW I just bought “The day after tomorrow” special 2 disk edition DVD yesterday, so that I could see how they achieved all the cool special effects and such. And I saw in one of their test renders that they use Maya!

Anyway, for the scene with the tidal wave going through New york they used a physics engine, where a sort of goo would travel and when it hit something it would make waves and splashes as such. What I was wondering, is, is there a physics engine for water that I can download for blender? :-?


not exactly for blender, and not freeware, but could work - RealFlow from nextlimit. afaik it can output mesh sequeces, which you could import into blender using a custom python script. check out