Fiber crashes every few operations...

Why is it that fiber 203 crashes on me every few operations … I saw there’s something written in the script about this but that’s something else…

Sometimes when I higher the density… it crashes… then ofcourse when I select a material for the fiber… it crashes… then sometimes when I perss create … it crashes

Anyone have the same experiences ? Or even better … a solution ?


Are you getting any error messages in the Console, and if so what are they?

Did you make sure to reselect the fiber generating mesh after pressing ‘Create’? It is possible that an object with no fibers was created when you first pressed ‘Create’. If you don’t re-select the original mesh, this will cause a crash.

Do you have Python 2.33 or 2.34 installed properly?

Are you using Vertex Colors?
If so, see BUG3 at:

(Probably best to discuss this in the Python forum)