Fiber Generator 101

I don’t have alot of time to go looking for tutorials on this matter and i have very little patience with too technical tutorials so could someone give me a ground up tutorial on the fiber script?

I don’t have the script but i can download it but from there what do i do? btw i don’t have python installed!

Basically i want to make a small hill on the side of the road with 3 crosses on it. The project is called “There are three crosses” and it will be put to the music of Randy Travis. Does any one have anything they can offer?

See the link to Gimble’s tutorial at bottom of the 1st page.


first off thanks for the link but the install of python and all is too confusing i don’t know which one to use! If someone could give me a fresh tut on installing the latest vesion of python on windows xp that would be greatly appreciated!

for the python. Gimbles tut has an instalation page that will tell you which version of python etc.


well, that is the same link as in the readme files but…

I’ll try it out but is there any way that i can install python in program files instead of the root directory and if so what is the line i put in the place of this one: C:\PYTHON20;C:\PYTHON20\DLLS;C:\PYTHON20\LIB;C:\PYTHON20\LIB\LIB-TK

And if i follow the directions properly i just have to install it and then reboot, restart blender and it should be working so then i follow the instructions for the script?

if you choose to install python in another directory, the installer will give you a different set of setup options. it’s been awhile since i installed python into anything other than the root directory though, so i can’t clearly recall what those options entail. i can tell you however that i successfully installed python at one time in my ‘my documents’ folder. good luck and may the force be with you.
<edit> also, you mat get a kick out of this render i did. :stuck_out_tongue:

swait render! So there isn’t anything stopping me from putting it in program files but what about the address thingy do i just at the program files on before it like this:


And do the same for the rest?

Yes I have Blender and Python in Program Files and I’ve never had to set my pythonpath in XP.


thanks guys! I’ll post again if i have any trouble!