Fiber Optic Camera Voting System

I have been thinking about a way that people could vote anonymously (somewhat) but make it fail proof. Each person would have a light and a real time camera each person would push a fiber optic glass up a tube and they would have a camera that they could view and prove their vote was working by flashing their light into the fiber. There would be cameras for the world to view. Everyone would have a fiber strand and everyone would be able to see in an instance how many votes were for what.
So if we had enough strands of fiber and we do and we have a way for each person who is voting to be able to Identify their vote with a camera or a mirror system or something. The problem we have with elections and voting is that we need it to be anonymous. With new technologies vote count could be a world wide thing that could be witnessed real time and their would be little doubt over what people were voting for. So to summarize I am thinking about a voting system that uses fiber optics mirrors or cameras. Each person would be able to see their strand by looking at a real time camera or a mirror. But also the public would be able to see the results real time as well and they would be able to see that each person voted one time because they would be also shown in a real time camera.

Have video proof of who voted
Video proof that they only voted once
Real time camera will prove to voter that their vote counted
So light shined into a fiber of glass will shine through to the other end. The color will indicate who they voted for. There just hast ta be ! a way ! that people can vote in a way that it can not be disputed.

Have you been eating cheese just before going to bed?

This makes no sense at all. Firstly, people who voted at quiet times would be revealing exactly how they voted to the world. Secondly you’d still need to count the votes only now you are trying to count points of light I guess instead of clearly marked ballot papers. Thirdly, all those people packed into a weird room trying to jam fibreoptic cables up holes in the ceilings sounds like a coronafest.

You are trying to solve a problem which does not exist.

Say, hypothetically, that there was an election and the losing side alleged widespread fraud. I’m sure they would produce evidence of such fraud in court. They certainly wouldn’t just make constant baseless accusations of fraud on social media backed up by nothing but testimony from cult members and insane conspiracy theories. That would be silly.