Fiber vs. Beast vs. Particles

Hey guys. I have tried the beast and I have used particles. Is it still worth it to try Fiber? I want to create animated grass. Is it only possible to do this in Fiber at this stage, or can I animate static particles using that old error that @ner discovered a while back? I don’t want the beast. Cards just aren’t my thing.

Where can I download the latest version of Fiber? I heard that it was getting some errors in 2.35, is this true?

Hehe… @ner will be flattered!

This was being used as far back as 1.7

Search for Fiber2, author Ripsting, forum Python and Plugins. And yes, Fiber is highpoly but easy to animate.


K, got fiber 2, but I can’t get the noise module to work. Does it work in Mac OS X? I put it inside of the blender package, in the exe directory and in the main directory. I don’t know where else I would put it. It doesn’t load.

have you ever seen the real hair methods from some apps like maya and others. They have control strands that control hundreds of little strands so you dont have to make a huge mesh for it all.

Yeah blender seems to complicate hair. I have lightwave with sasquatch lite built in and its beautiful. Can we exepect this from blender?

What do you mean?

Fiber 3 is being worked on, with some great features and an awesome GUI.

As for Blender making this sort of this tough, you’re right. I’ve suggested several times that Python scripts be allowed to generate geometry at render time, instead of just in a 3D window. That would let you set all of your fiber guides as splines in the 3D window (just like you can already do), generate a low-density preview mesh to check it, then have the script generate the high-poly stuff at rendertime.

DUDE that is the ticket! You should push for that. I have seen others push stuff like the clay mold mesh and new booleans, This one would solve about a few million head aches for speed and control AND would add one of those ‘pro use’ features that blender despetly needs to entice a larger user base. Make a paper like you did for the armatures and I am sure Ton will go for it.