Character design for science-popular project Fibonacci.
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Demo reel of the project

Hi, Nazar ! I’ve seen your last posts and I wanted to congratulate you for all the work you did. The design of the characters is great, the look and the expression in the eye (the guy makes me think of Tadashi in Big Hero 6). The clothes are great and I love the hair, especially the braid. Good work !!

Thank you! I’m really glad that you like it:)

Ooo glad I looked at your posts! Can’t believe how this one seemed to be over looked. To me this one is above Amy and Dylan. The texture and model work is great. I wonder if the light was too direct on the face. Seems to catch some parts of the eye on one side and not the other. All three are awesome don’t get me wrong! They all have an amazing 2D stylized look to them and especially Dylan. Funny what I said with Amy and you were doing exactly what I was saying on these two. Like I said before. Amazing job and can’t wait to see what you create next!

so much appeal to your characters! bravo. his is what I admire about your work, the good taste that you put into it, great proportions, and really sweet designs. Pixar is coming for you :slight_smile:

will they move? :slight_smile:

but how good you are, how many hours do you work,
could you post the shader
of the skin! It’ awesomw!

Thanks:) I spent about month on creating her. Here’s the link to my favorite skin shading tutorial by Kent Trammell. I make the skin shader exactly like here

Congratulations Nazar. Very good characters’ gallery. All of them are cute and made with good taste. You have skills for giving them expression.