Fictional Drinks

Here are some renders of fictional drinks that I’ve been working on. Blender and photoshop. I also used blender pretty heavily for all the labels (it’s my vector graphics package of choice) as well as photoshop.

Duff Beer, The Simpsons:

Slurm, Futurama:

Wharmpess Beer, How I Met Your Mother:

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Grog, Monkey Island Series:

Malk, The Simpsons (a real time consuming one this… :eyebrowlift:):

Butterbeer, Harry Potter:

Plus one more!

Tantrum, How I Met Your Mother:

Edit: Plus here’s some links for reference:





Wharmpess: (I love this one).



Butterbeer was largely my own concoction, based on a few descriptions and a vague similarity to the movie version, but wanted to go for the ceramic bottle look. The same kinda goes for Grog.

In general the aim was to go for a synthesis of a true-to-fiction idea of the drink itself, and a product-ised real life version.

The Grog looks terrific but the stone texture on the Butterbeer is tops.
Great work all around.

Brilliant! All of them are great, the Grog is just sooo awesome.

What a fantastic idea, Ben! To this day I still remember Malk and it’s vitamin R.

The materials and textures all look great, and you’ve done well lighting the drinks. I want to pick a favorite, but I just can’t!

Not just me then! I was wondering if people would get that one.

brilliant works, thx for sharing ben :slight_smile:

great renders.nice redwax material.(sss?)

My two favourites are Grog and Butter Beer in that order. How did you do those fantastic cobwebs on the Grog?

Homer no function beer well without.

Pretty cool.

Btw, these glass/liquid shaders are pretty eye-catching. I mean, in case of studio setup, it is sometimes quite annoying and tedious to find the right harmony between shaders and lighting and you did it well. Nice studio shots at all.

Awesome work Ben:). I have to say the slurm can look’s cool. How did you do the condensation? Could you explain a bit?

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

@Rusted: Yes it’s a SSS material with some glossy on top.
@Danilus: The cobwebs are all done in post, just comped in over the bottle.
@Radel: Thanks. They were definitely what took the longest to get right. For the beers in particular, beer in product shots like this always has a kind of golden, glowy look that was quite difficult to replicate. In the end it’s a mix of post work and materials.
@Digitaluka: Sure thing. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Step 1. Start with your mesh you want to add drops to (In this case a can).

Step 2. Create a few droplet objects, and assign them to a group.

Step 3. Add a hair particle system to the can with the render type set to the drops group. Use the size and random size settings under physics to give them some variation.


Step 4. Make these duplicates real (Ctrl-Shift-A). This turns each drop into an object. You can now delete any overlapping drops or weirdly angled ones and tidy up where they fall.

Step 5. I duplicate some drops in little vertical trails getting smaller as they go upwards, something I noticed in my references. You can do this for multiple drops at once using the select random operator to select say, 10% of all drops. Then duplicate and scale down (to individual object origins). Make sure you only duplicate drops on vertical surfaces though or you’ll get drops floating in space!

Step 6. Finally I sculpt one or two longer, trailing drips going down, these catch some nice highlights and make the drips look more varied. To make these I just projected a thin strip of poly’s onto the can mesh and then extruded them out to make a manifold mesh, and did a bit of dynamic topology sculpting.

Step 7. Finally (optional depending on the surface you’re adding drops to) I add another particle system for some really tiny drops. This time they’re so small it isn’t really necessary to make them real and tweak by hand.

The material for the drops is really simple. Just a glass shader, IOR 1.33 (water). It’s worth noting that the drops don’t have any back face though - they just clip through into the can.

I also wanted to show the backs of each design. For each I made what I thought was an appropriate back label with some info on it and a few easter eggs.

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And Tantrum:

They all look great!

Fantastic work on the bottles, I can’t actually think of any criticism apart from the water droplets seem to be a bit too much on the Slurm can (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a can that wet before unless it’s been out in the rain). Apart from that, I feel like I can reach into the screen, grab a bottle and drink straight from it. Well done!

May I ask how you created that realistic/thick look for the liquid inside the Grog bottle?

The grog liquid combines a refraction and glossy shader with a translucent shader to give some extra scattering to it. There’s also a bit of postwork done to brighten it up and make it a bit more brown.