Fictional Mouse


So for this quick project I wanted to present the ideal ergonomic and buttons distribution that (IMO) I want to find in a PC mouse, also I tried to give it some Wacom products likness in term of materials and design.

Any critics or ideas are welcome.


nice work !!!

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Glad you like it :slight_smile:!

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Really nice work!! I would love to know how you modelled this as I’m interested in product design and building my own portfolio of work. The only critic is maybe showing the working RGB elements from the mouse advertised on the packing? Other than that the materials and details are excellent. I would love to see some of your other work?

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Happy that you like it :)! and yea at first I was thinking about putting more explicit descriptions of those features (RGB,etc…) on the back of the package, as I don’t think professional users are too focused on the RGB stuffs, the early concept was basically minimalistic black and white… but at last I decided to show those feature in a more “subtle” way (the package color for RGB, the fluid forms for the high DPI sensor etc…).

I too just started to fill my portfolio, it was a hobby at first but recently I made a choice to start a carrer in graphic design, so hopefully you will see more works from me as I gather ideas and inspiration, I have a fictional car (my own design) project finished but I am still thinking about a fitting scene before considering it done, only some studio renders so far.

If you have any specific modeling questions I will gladly answer them for you (if my modest skill permit). :slight_smile:

I’ve had to transition my work from photography to 3D as my photography gear is packed away because I’m moving house which seems to be taking forever. I like the minimal look, Ecommerce I guess. I just wondered maybe you could switch render 3 with the mouse on the left? I wonder if the leading lines (Top of box and bottom) would draw eye to the mouse more and make it look more balanced? :slight_smile: What do you think?

you meant something like that ? :

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thought you were talking about the package :sweat_smile:, I get it now! I will totally consider adding more renders when I open my Artstation.

Solid work!

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