Fictive inquiry about Blender

Hello everyone,
next to using Blender in a game project at school, we also have to think of improvements for Blender, both on UI as technical improvements and new added features.

To be able to make some kind of fictive marketing plan we wanted to hold a little inquiry.

Keep in mind : these improvements are fictive, we are not involved in the actual development of Blender.

Here we go:

1)Suppose we would add the functionality of a Phantom Pen to Blender (a VR pen with force feedback that could be used as a sculpting tool, like you would carve into clay), do you think we could attract new users (artists that now make real models) and would it Blender more attractive to companies?

2)Do you think it would be a good idea to add a little more mouse gestures to Blender? Maybe organised in a menu (like Black & White).

3)What do you think about help and Blender? Would you like to see (context sensitive) help added inside the application or maybe linked to the website? (We would also make this help context sensitive, you get directed to the page about the right part of the application)
Or do you think forums are enough help?

Thank you for the feedback, we will dedicate our grades to you!

1)no, i am a real model maker and i would not be attracted to a pen because it is simialr to model making (because it is not, its far from model making LOL)

although as a human being, yes i would like a device that did that

but first sculpting like in z-brush would be better

2)no i ahte mouse gestures, we should remove mouse gestures all together, make the right mouse button like the space bar, and make the left mouse button a selecting device.

mouse gestures give you worse RSI than the keyboard. because they are little fiddly and slow movements

3)Help= bloatware. i.e. the software is 3 Mb i don’t want a 5 Mb help file.

put a link to a good website for sure.


  1. I think that would be awesome to have that capibilitie. But now sure if it’s really needed.
  2. Don’t think mouse gestures are all that useful.
  3. Forums are great. And if those don’t work, look at the doc.


2)It Already has

3)Yes that would be nice, yes it already is enough.

I cant answer for the first two questions…

but for the last one I know there’s is some developer testing with a Help-menu system that points to some websites with docs and tutes…


I love you so much man!!

I like the selection in blender now for some things, I’d like to have a key combo to be able to witch between both versions. I find myself using vertex paint select to often so I don’t have to select verts using right click + ctrl.

Point number 3 I couldn’t agree more.