Field Of Pillars

Another quick one. This time a little slower though (the inscriptions took quite some time). About 45 minutes blender, and 10 minutes photoshop.

Hey I really like this one, hannibar. The detailon the carvings is excellent. The middle pillar does look as though it’s floating though, is this intentional?

Nice post work too.


Ah crap, I moved the ground a bit downwards on that spot, and I have forgotten to move the pillar down. :-?

Oh well, from now on it’s a floating pillar :slight_smile:

What?! You did that in 45 minutes?! :o Excellent… :expressionless:

how bout a raw pic?

… I like your style - and the floating pillar, of course :slight_smile: it would be very interesting to see a raw rendering.