field of tanks

Hi this is a game that i made a while ago

It´s a multiplayer game ( splitt screen) and the controles are

palyer 1 (the topp picture)
driving: wasd
tower: yghj
fire: space
press T if you fall over.

player 2 (bottom picture)
drives: pilarna
tower: 8456 (num pad)
fire: 0 ( num pad)
pres 1 if you fall over.

and press B too get a (Bloom) effect.

you can download the game here

hope you like it :slight_smile:

I get the error:

Error 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION): Multiple Content-Disposition headers received.

that´s weird, it not sopose to happen :confused: ( it´s never hapend before)

you put the link wrong i can download it the right link its [](

The second link is correct, I had no trouble with it.

This isn’t a bad game, but it looks rushed. There isn’t much to a menu, some instructions would be helpful, I know they are provided here but it isn’t ideal to look up the controls to a game online always. As well, you can’t use the second player controls with all keyboards, laptops with a 15.6" screen on smaller don’t include a number pad, making the second player useless. A map would also be cool, and finally why does the second tank start of with more health?

I’d like to see an improved version of this game, it has a lot of potentional!